About the Founder

Portia Keletliwe worked in the banking industry for 20 years and spent the last 10 years of her banking career in the Learning and Development Field as a Facilitator and Curriculum Specialist. The training role enabled her to acquire experience in needs analysis, designing and developing training material, as well as conducting quality assurance.

In 2002, she sub-contracted as a tour agent to delegates during the World Summit on Sustainable Development in South Africa; she also exhibited and sold decorative art, mainly woven Zulu beer baskets, clay pots, beaded work, placemats, and African masks. She published her first book titled Let's heal: no more games in 2014 and converted the book into an audio format in 2015.

She is a promoter of writing collaborations and has co-authored 20 Beautiful Women Africa edition, an Amazon bestseller! Portia is a speaker and writer who encourages her audience to live lives that are peaceful and purpose-driven. While she acknowledges that no one is perfect, she does not believe that anyone should live a life that is full of condemnation and insecurities.

Portia is an entrepreneur, coach, and consultant who is always keen on seeing progress in people's lives. She focusses on assisting writers and entrepreneurs and has created a platform for interviews on both the Authors Connection with Portiakel and the Portiakel TV in order to create product awareness through alternative means! She is a lover of audiobooks!